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What are the advantages of a vacuum drying oven?

Vacuum drying oven belongs to a kind of drying equipment, which is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and oxidative substances. Its use can also make some complex components dry quickly, vacuum drying oven is widely used in all walks of life.

What are the advantages of a vacuum drying oven?
1. The vacuum drying oven is easy to achieve product diversification. Taking food drying as an example, the product can be foamed to produce brittle, instant and other foods by controlling the degree of vacuum.
2. The vacuum drying oven can recover moisture at low temperature, which is very beneficial to the drying and recovery of solvents containing organic solvents.
3. Vacuum drying has a series of advantages such as low drying temperature, relative hypoxia in the drying room, avoiding fat oxidation, pigment browning, etc. It is suitable for drying heat-sensitive food materials.
vacuum drying oven
4. The dehumidification drying system of vacuum drying oven can achieve low temperature drying. The temperature and pressure of water are proportional to each other during the vaporization process. Therefore, low temperature drying can be achieved under low pressure, which is very beneficial for the drying of food and agricultural and sideline products.
5. The drying of the vacuum drying oven can be sterilized. The vacuum dryer uses vacuum gas. Most of the bacteria in the air can be evacuated by the vacuum pump with the air, and some of the remaining bacteria will also die or lack vitality due to lack of oxygen. , the sterilization effect is obvious.

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