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What is the difference between vacuum drying oven and blast drying oven?

Vacuum drying oven is a drying technology under low pressure and low temperature, especially suitable for dehydration of heat-sensitive materials and expensive materials. The blast drying oven removes the water by heating the material under normal pressure, so that the moisture in the material is vaporized and evaporated. However, when the material is heated, it is easy to produce adverse reactions such as shrinkage and hardening. Therefore, for heat-sensitive materials, it is best not to use a blast drying oven to dry.

The vacuum drying oven uses the vacuum drying method after cleaning various mechanical parts with complex structures or other porous samples, and does not leave any residual substances after being completely dried. Inner cavity preheating, partition heat transfer, isolation and heat preservation, imported temperature sensor; valve electronic control technology, combined with automatic numerical control vacuum degree, make the operation more convenient and more accurate; blast drying oven is widely used in industrial and mining, Drying, heat treatment and heating of test products in scientific research, medical and health care, jade processing and other units, but not suitable for use, flammable and explosive items, etc., so as not to cause explosion; digital display intelligent temperature controller, with a computer Intelligent PID self-tuning function; stainless steel liner, anti-acid and alkali, anti-corrosion; double-layer thermal insulation material door seal, environmental protection and energy saving; high temperature resistant heating parts, long service life.

KENTON Apparatus LTD specializes in the production of vacuum drying ovens, blast drying ovens, and various types of drying ovens. Both vacuum drying ovens and blast drying ovens are drying equipment that can remove moisture from materials and make them meet the requirements of further processing.

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