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Industrial oven design and structure characteristics

The industrial oven has the same circulation form as the large-diameter wind wheel, and has the characteristics of large circulating air volume and uniform heat flow. It is suitable for drying and dehydration of industries or products that require large area and mass baking, such as electroplating industry, electronic industry, alloy jewelry, plastic molding, etc., but not suitable for highly volatile, flammable and explosive items, in order to avoid explosion.

Structural design of industrial oven:
1. Using microcomputer intelligent PID control technology, the system has temperature control, timing and over-temperature alarm functions.
2. The outdoor hot air circulation system is composed of low-noise fans and air ducts. The air ducts and circulation systems are reasonable and can stabilize the temperature in the work room.
3. The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and treated by environmental protection electrostatic spraying. The overall design is beautiful and novel, and there is a large viewing angle observation window.
4. The inner tank is divided into mirror stainless steel and galvanized steel plate. The four corners of the semicircular arc are easy to clean.
industrial oven
5. The shelf spacing and the number of shelves in the studio can be adjusted to facilitate the acquisition of samples of different specifications.
6. The edge of the sealing door adopts high temperature resistant silica gel, and the heating element adopts high temperature heating tube, which is safe and reliable and has a longer service life.
7. Ergonomically fastened handle, easy to operate and ensure tightness.

Industrial ovens can be divided into horizontal convection and up and down convection. The smaller workshop adopts horizontal convection, with the heating part in the upper part, and the larger workshop adopts up and down convection, the heating part is in the upper part, and the motor is installed in the upper part or the rear part. The heat is circulated to the workshop by driving the wind wheel. The glass fiber insulation material is used between the studio and the shell, the shell is welded with the steel plate, and the material of the inner tank is divided into steel plate; galvanized plate or stainless steel.

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