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Heating principle and usage of industrial oven

When the industrial oven is working, the operator obtains the temperature value inside the industrial oven through the meter and temperature sensor, and operates through the control system. The hot air circulation heating method of the industrial oven has better gas fluidity than the ordinary heat dissipation heating method, which can speed up the drying speed of the materials in the industrial oven.

The temperature is controlled by the connection of the digital display instrument and the temperature sensor. Hot air circulation is adopted. The hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal and vertical. After accurate calculation, the air source is driven by the air supply motor, and the air wheel is driven by the electric heater, and the hot air is sent to the air duct, and then enters the industrial oven studio. The used air is sucked into the air duct and becomes the air source for circulating heating again. , which can effectively improve the temperature uniformity. If the door is opened and closed during use, the air supply and circulation system can quickly restore the working temperature value. The hot air circulation system of the industrial oven consists of a blower motor, a wind wheel and an electric heater. The blower motor drives the wind wheel to send out cold air. The cold air is heated by the electric heating device, and the heat energy is transported to the oven workshop of the industrial oven through the air duct. The hot air circulation system of the industrial oven is beneficial to improve the uniformity of air temperature. During the process of opening and closing the door of the industrial oven to transport the material, the temperature value is affected and changes. The uniformity of the hot air circulation system is beneficial to restore the temperature value of the working state at the maximum speed.

When using the industrial oven, connect the three-phase five-wire power cord, and turn on the panel power switch. Note that there is an air leakage switch in the industrial oven. The indicator light of the power switch is on, and the voltmeter has an indication. Turn on the air transport switch, the air transport motor runs, pay attention to the running direction of the fan. Turn on the heat switch in turn (if the air switch is not turned on, the heat switch cannot be turned on. Set the temperature on the main thermostat of the industrial oven to the desired temperature. For example, when the internal temperature reaches the temperature set by the thermostat, it will automatically Maintain the temperature. The setting value of the temperature super thermostat should be higher than the setting value of the main thermostat, the recommended value is +10°C. The use of the temperature controller: press the sex key to activate the adjustment menu, PV window: display the inside of the furnace Actual temperature, SV window: display the set temperature, press the sex key to confirm; (for the specific operation of the thermostat, please refer to the thermostat manual)

Timer usage: Units: seconds, meters, hours. When the main temperature controller reaches the set temperature, the timer (the timer switch should turn it to automatic when heating) starts to time automatically. After reaching the set time, it will alarm automatically. At this time, the buzzer sounds, and the industrial oven is in the state of stopping heating; the delayer starts to count down in the electric box. When the countdown is over, the circulating fan stops and cuts off the power. After baking, turn on the door button and remove the product from the industrial oven. Please pay attention to high temperature burns.

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