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Questions and answers about vacuum drying oven

Buying a product or using a product, we more or less have some questions and generate some questions. Here are some answers to questions about vacuum drying ovens listed by kenton.
What are the inner liner of vacuum drying oven?
1. Stainless steel;
2. Cold rolled steel plate.
The inner tank of the vacuum drying oven adopts a circular arc design, the outer shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed.
Can a vacuum drying oven be used without a vacuum pump?
Without a vacuum pump, there is no way to evacuate, so it cannot be used. Users can choose a vacuum pump by themselves. If they already have it, they can not choose it.
vacuum drying oven
What are the heating methods of vacuum drying oven?
1. Partition heating;
2. Bundled heating around the inner tank.
What are the two conduction modes of vacuum drying oven?
1. Radiation;
2. Heat transfer.
What is the drying jar of the vacuum drying oven for?
The vacuum drying oven is used to absorb moisture, protect the vacuum pump and prolong the service life of the vacuum pump. If there is a lot of moisture, it can be used with a liquid water filter to achieve drying effect.
For more questions about vacuum drying ovens, you can click on the official website of Kangheng Instrument to learn more, or you can contact customer service. Kenton Instrument is a manufacturer of vacuum drying ovens for 23 years.


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