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ALLSENS™ Programmable Microcomputer PID Control Technology of Artificial Climate Chamber

The climatic chamber of Kenton Instrument is a perfect environment simulation expert, which can simulate the illumination changes and climatic conditions during the day and night, and meet the multi-stage step-by-step programming control.

ALLSENS™ programmable microcomputer PID control technology of climatic chamber:
1. Integrated LCD dot-matrix large-screen liquid crystal display, switch display between Chinese and English, and display all parameters at a glance. Humanized design, fully display the status display required by customers: temperature, humidity, illuminance, cycle, number of segments, running time, running stop.
2. Adaptive PID program control, precise control of temperature, humidity, prevention of temperature overshoot, and keep the temperature in the cavity uniform and constant.

3. User password control, built-in multi-function memory menu, and at the same time through the standard RS485 interface, it can be connected to multiple devices at the same time, up to 16 devices, connected to the device and monitored in real time.
climatic chamber

4. Programmable multi-stage control to meet customer selection requirements, up to 30 stages of temperature and humidity, illumination control range settings, wide time settings: 0-99 hours, 0-9999 minutes, the program can be automatically executed in a loop.

5. All setting operations have confirmation sound prompts, which is convenient to operate.

6. The computer software can be used for remote control, and the professional supporting operation ALLSENS™ programmable software (optional).

The climatic chamber has passed the EU CE safety certification and enjoys a 2-year quality warranty period. It can provide IQ, OQ, PQ in Chinese and English, and can provide a variety of verification services.

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