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climatic chamber refrigeration technology

Kenton Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of climatic chambers. The climatic chambers can simulate the changes of light intensity and climatic conditions during the day and night, and meet the multi-stage step-by-step programming control.

ALLCOLD™ refrigeration technology of climatic chamber:
1. The international leading ALLCOLD™ balanced refrigeration, which integrates automatic defrosting and multi-layer safety protection, meets the needs of long-term operation, is equipped with internationally renowned brand compressors, and advocates environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving.
2. Automatic frost function, balanced refrigeration scheme, based on the original rapid heat pump defrosting technology, customers can perform continuous and uninterrupted work and use, and effectively solve the frosting problem caused by the continuous operation of the evaporator.
3. The manual control system of the cooling capacity can meet the extreme application environment of customers.
4. The original imported DuPont™ SUVA® R134a environmentally friendly refrigerant makes the world cleaner and provides a high-quality environment for customers.
5. The energy-saving design reduces the cost of use by customers.
climatic chamber

ALLFLOW™ Perfect Air Circulation System:
1. The perfect forced convection ALLFLOW™ air circulation system maximizes the amount of sample culture in the working chamber of the incubator and minimizes the temperature recovery after opening the door. With the international famous brand axial flow fan, combined with the perfect airflow design, the sample The cultivation effect has reached an ideal level.
2. The air circulation system fully guarantees the continuous stability of the temperature and humidity in the working chamber. When the temperature and humidity set by the customer are reached, it provides a perfect environment for sample cultivation.

The reasonable air circulation system of the climatic chamber provides an ideal environmental effect; the double door design is easy to observe and provides thermal insulation performance; the three-dimensional light source makes the lighting more uniform.

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