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The use and difference between low temperature incubator and low temperature platelet agitator

Low temperature incubator is known as biochemical constant temperature incubator, its function is mainly applied to microbial research and other experiments, suitable for environmental protection, medical treatment, drug testing, health epidemic prevention, agriculture and livestock, aquaculture and other scientific research departments and the water analysis and determination, bacteria, microbial culture of special constant temperature equipment. The main use of the low temperature platelet agitator is to preserve samples, which need to be stored at a constant temperature for a long time or periodically. Therefore, there is an essential difference between the two uses, low-temperature incubator as its experimental use is characterised by high requirements for temperature accuracy and stability and uniformity, while the low-temperature incubator needs to run continuously for a long time, the durability of the product and failure rate requirements, or equipment failure stored samples may be directly scrapped, so the need to store high-value samples in addition to the selection of well-known brands, it is best to have a remote trouble-shooting In case of equipment failure, the information can be sent to the cell phone through online remote, so that the samples can be processed as soon as possible.


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