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Application and characteristics of low-temperature biochemical incubator

The use of biochemical incubator temperature is mostly 0-65 ℃, low temperature biochemical incubator its temperature range is wider, can be as low as -10 ℃, -20 ℃, -40 ℃. Widely used in environmental protection, medical, drug testing, health epidemic prevention, agriculture and livestock, aquaculture and other scientific research departments.

The low-temperature biochemical incubator produced by Kenton Laboratory has the dual function of refrigeration and heating, the refrigeration system consists of compressor, evaporator, radiator and other components, using the balanced technology of starting the hot and cold system at the same time, the compressor with delayed protection function, running smoothly, the introduction of green environmental protection concept, the use of fluorine-free R134a refrigerant, the system is more energy-saving, efficient, making the environment healthier. The inner liner is made of mirror stainless steel, the shelf spacing and the number of shelves are adjustable, and the built-in BOD socket is standard. Intelligent microcomputer PID control, with timing, over-temperature alarm and other functions.

The volume of the inner chamber is 100 liters, 150 liters, 250 liters optional, if you need more capacity can be customized non-standard size, equipped with microcomputer interface, printer, test hole, adjustable speed oscillator, programmable software and other functions according to user needs.


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