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Classification and selection of constant temperature and humidity chamber

The constant temperature and humidity chamber is use to simulate the climate environment temperature and humidity changes and constant, its main application in the sample stability test and biological research experiments and plant cultivation with, because of the use of different situations, its temperature and humidity setting range, accuracy, uniformity have certain differences.
humidity chamber
Using the Kenton production of constant temperature and humidity chamber as an example, stable test for drugs, stable test chamber for electronic appliances, high and low temperature and humidity alternating test chamber, biological experiments with constant temperature and humidity incubator, carbon dioxide constant temperature and humidity light oven, etc.. Therefore, users should always consider according to the use of the field of industry selection first, and then to consider its use of temperature and humidity range, high and low temperature and humidity test chamber temperature and humidity range is relatively wider, the temperature range is -60, -40, -20 to 150 ℃, humidity range is 20-98%, while the biological experiments with the temperature range is 0 to 65 ℃ or 0 to 100 ℃, humidity range is 40-95% or 30-95%. 95%. The volume of the inner chamber for stability testing and biological experiments is generally 100 to several hundred liters, while those used for plant culture and cultivation generally need a thousand liters or more of space. The larger the space or the greater the temperature and humidity range, the higher the requirements for stability and uniformity, so the cost will also be different, the user can combine the budget to choose the ideal equipment for their own purposes.

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