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Introduction to the structure of clean bench

Clean bench, also known as ultra-clean bench, can be mainly divided into double single, single-sided double-sided, horizontal vertical, etc. The structure is divided into box, table, bracket, support foot, exhaust duct, high efficiency air filter, pre-filter, etc.

The bench is designed so it has enough strength and rigidity, the weight should be as light as possible under the premise of good stability, the joints should be tight, according to the need for support feet with self-locking structure universal wheel, but for the higher requirements of shockproof workbench is not set up feet and universal wheel, the operating area can be made independent of the bench working surface platform. Single-surface workbench inner surface of three wall panels made of one structure, wall panel surface smooth seam sealing, glass and metal connection part should also be sealed. Negative pressure duct should be designed to clean the duct, static pressure box, filter and surface easily without disassembling the system device, and the air inlet and exhaust should be closed when disinfecting the purification table with special disinfection requirements.

The power socket inside the operation area should be able to prevent the splash of liquid in the test operation, and is flame retardant material, the bottom of the table from the ground should ensure a certain cleaning space.

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