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Clean Bench Filter Grades

Clean bench is a kind of local air purification equipment, its main air filtration through pre-filter, high efficiency or ultra-high efficiency air filter. Grade is divided into: pre-filter should be selected in line with GB/T14295 standard filter efficiency of not less than the medium-effect type 2 filter, high-efficiency filter should use GB/T13554 standard not less than 99.9% of the air filter, ultra-high effect use GB/T6165 provisions of the detection of not less than 99.999% of the air filter.

The installation position of high efficiency or ultra-high efficiency filter should be able to effectively scan the entire air filter (including the sealed edge) for leak detection, the air outlet surface should be as flat as possible with the inner side, and the installation should ensure that the joints are sealed. The installation process should be arranged to install the filter at the end, to ensure that it is installed immediately after unpacking, and that it is protected in time after installation to avoid being dusty.

The air filter can be recommended to be replaced after a period of use according to the manual to ensure the cleanliness is up to standard.

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